I was born Eddy Rhenals Narvaez in 1985 in the city of Barranquila, Colombia. I earned my BS in architecture from the Universidad del Atlantico in 2007 and soon after came to the US to study English in Dallas and then photography in Philadelphia. In 2010, I completed a certification in film photography and won the purchase price and an honorable mention in the category of photography at the student art exhibition in Delaware County Community College. In 2014, I received a bachelor degree in photography from Drexel University.

From my time in Colombia to my present life in Philadelphia, I have experimented with black and white and color both in film and digital format finding in photography a rich and exceptional medium to represent my perspectives of the world around me. While combining my passion in architecture with photography, I love to play with simple forms from an often overlooked point of view to create compositions that play on concepts of balance, contrast, perception and proportion to emphasize the subject’s beauty.

Photograph courtesy of Victoria Blithe