Eddy Rhenals | Guestbook
Barry Foglia(non-registered)
Awesome work, Eddy. Love it!
Kevin Bateman(non-registered)
Hello best friend! So proud of you on all your amazing art work and website! I wish u all the best in the world. Xoxo
Joachim Thiery(non-registered)
This is amazing innovative foto art. Eddy plays with structures and colors like a master-builder and shows us a world beyond reality. I am impressed about his creative talent. His fotographic paintings are unique, the blue color gives a mystic imagination of the space. Great are the fading out bodies in stepping out. Powerfull also his imaginations of the space in the cities. Congratualations Eddy, wish u good luck for ur further work. I am sure it will fascinate in future all lovers of modern art.
Brian M. Lewis(non-registered)
Beautiful work! !
Holly Chueh(non-registered)
Eddy is such a talented photographer and has the ability to capture a moment in time in a way that is artistic and unique. He is a master working with light and shadows. I also love his PhotoGRAMS-amazing!
Rick Haskins(non-registered)
I think I recognize one or two of these. Beautiful body of work.
I enjoy seeing what inspires other photographers. Eddy's work is well crafted and enjoyable, as is the photographer himself. We'll be looking forward to his upcoming show in February.
Oleg Kremeshnoy(non-registered)
Very nice work!
Linda Bailey.(non-registered)
Beautiful use of color, light, and shadows. I enjoyed seeing the photos.
Lorena Pėrez Hurtado(non-registered)
Impresionante trabajo, gran combinación de arte, pasion y muy buen gusto felicitaciones un abrazo!!!!
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